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Attention Grabbing Website

You have 8 seconds to get your visitor’s attention and if your business website doesn’t have the right ingredients then they will go somewhere else or close the window. That means you’ve just lost a sale or potential subscriber. To solve this problem I’ve created a video below for you to watch.

Guys, the image below is my traffic statistics, and as you can see I get a consistent flow of traffic on a daily basis and I never pay a single dime to Google. It’s been like this since 2007 and it keeps going up. So what I’m telling you works and has been tested for years.

This year you should put what you’ve just watched on the video to work so your business website will get the attention it needs to convert your visitors into customers or buyers.

Well I hope this helps you and I hope that you put what you’ve learned into action so you, too, can get more customers. Also please, please spread the word and share these ideas with someone who needs more customers.

BTW: If you have any questions about “building an effective and powerful website” or if you want me to do this for your business, Please give me a call 702-430-1649. Let me know what you think guys, please comment below and please don’t be shy 😀 Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

6 Responses to Attention Grabbing Website

  • Great post Albert. I think a followup video series about what to do after the site visitor comes from the website and either calls you or e-mails you.
    I send out many e-mails to people asking about product or service on a daily basis and the main things i find is they dont answer my e-mail or phone call or they try to sell me something and dont explain how it will solve my problem enough to make me want to buy from them so i have lack of trust.

    The key to all this is qualify and ask questions dont try to sell them right off the bat as we have discussed many times you have to gain that trust and be their friend and ask qualifying questions. remember its about the customer i think business owners need to remember that…just my 2 cents…

    • Hi Mr. Troy,

      Hey great to see you here again, About the follow up video that’s great idea but when your visitors call or email you the best thing to do is listen carefully and see what they need and answer them back asap because that is your opportunity to start building relationship with them.

      Yes trust is huge factor, people like to buy from folks they know, like and trust period. Here’s the thing though if you just listen enough to your customers you’ll find out what they need and just give it to them and I promise you the sale will start to come in… Always take care Bro.

      God bless you and your Family,


  • Pat Sipperly says:

    Good video, Bro!  It sounds like unique, attention getting headers are important for websites.  Glad to know you are an amazing graphics guy we can work with for artwork and advice.  Thanks!

  • Philip Camacho says:

    Wow.  You really hit the bullseye on this one.  I can think of many times when I go to someone’s site, and right away I am like “what is this about?”
    Very very important that the website/business owner let them know from the get-go what the site is all about.  I kind of shudder to think of how many people may very well have excellent products and/or services, and are missing the boat on this.

    • Hi Philip,

      Bro. you still in the Philippines? I know your drinking San Miguel beer over there 🙂

      Yeah! great point bud that’s exactly what I’m saying when you landed to the site you don’t even have a clue what is for and the sad part is when people are confused they don’t buy period any thing that’s negative our instinct tell us to back off.

      OK! Bro. enjoy your stay there in P.I. and give me a call sometimes. take care Bro.

      God bless you,


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