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Who Is Albert Hallado?

Before I got involved with my internet business I worked at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino (The World Largest Hotel and Casino at the time) as a room service and VIP services and yes I’ve seen many celebrities.

I served Ice Cube, Evander Holyfield, Brooke Shields, Andree Agassi, Lionel Richie, Elton John and many more.

It was a lot of fun actually. But I decided to go back to school because I knew that I would NOT work for someone the rest of my life I wanted to have my own business so I took computer classes and finished and became a network administrator.

From there I just got involved in any sort of internet business. But like what I said on the video in 2007 I got laid off and I really needed to do something because I had a family to support here in Vegas and in the Philippines and that’s why I started blogging and started selling my own products and services.

Yes I have my own products (Just check out my product page) and everything you see there I created from scratch.

I also provide consulting services for small businesses here in Las Vegas and throughout the United States. Ever since I got laid off 3 years ago it’s been great, really great.

I’ve been able to support my family here and in the Philippines, taking my family on vacation, I’ve got invited to speak in the seminars and just lately I had a project with Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen and created their direct response graphics for their new book “Cash In A Flash”

Cash In The Flash

I’ve created projects with many big name folks like Joe Sugarman, John Delavera, Simon Leung (former Google employee), Donna Fox and many more…

Folk’s Below Is Mr. Joe Sugarman And I
During JV Alert Live Here In Vegas!

Albert Hallado and Joe Sugarman

A few months ago Mr. Joe Sugarman gave me an endorsement for my “Vegas Traffic Jam” Manual, I think it’s amazing to get an endorsement from the legend Mr. Joe Sugarman.

Quote Below:

“Vegas Traffic Jam” is one of the most interactive and informative e-books on the market. It is filled with practical advice from a guy who proves his techniques work through practical examples that anybody can follow. Albert Hallado is also the embodiment of the American dream. You’ll be inspired and most importantly, you’ll have the tools to build both traffic and sales.

Joseph Sugarman,
Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation And
Bestselling author of Advertising Secrets
of the Written Word

I’ve also worked with many small business owners all over United States from Car Mechanics, Chiropractors, Video Production Company, Financial Services Company and many more.

I help these small businesses with their online marketing, social media, blogging and branding. Please don’t get me wrong I’m NOT telling you all this to brag or show off but rather to be a testimony to you about what can happen when you follow your passion 😀

Also to be an inspiration to you and to encourage you that if a regular guy like me can do all this then you shouldn’t have any reason why you can’t do it.

Again thank you so much for visiting my “About Us Page” and I wish you the best in life and business.

BTW: If you have any questions about “Blogging For Business” or if you want to be a full time blogger give me a CALL: 702-430-1649. Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!
Albert Hallado