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Business Website Design That Work

There’s a difference between having a business website design and having a business web site design that works. Folks, every time I have a chance I always share website design tips and strategies you can use based on my own real life experience.

Having a business website design that works means everything for business owners, especially in these tough times. So, today I would like to share this with you so you can get ideas and apply it to your own business.

Late last year Troy Williams, President/CEO of, and I did a joint venture project for one of his clients which was, Destin Charter Boat. It’s a charter boat rental business based in Destin, Florida.

Troy said their old website was NOT working at all. So Troy and I worked together to rescue their dying website. After just a very short amount of time we finished their business website from top to bottom.

I mean from graphics to SEO search engine optimization, and after just a few more months they said, “Were getting bookings in the winter time which is unheard of.” So, now their phone is ringing off the hook and NOT only that, they’re also dominating many keyword searches in their market, in their local area.

Today Troy emailed me and gave me this update about our client, and I was really happy. I mean the feeling is priceless. So I asked Troy if I can share this with you and he said go head, that’s fine. Check out our email conversation…

This is what I’m talking about when you invest with your business web site design, and if it’s done right then you’ll see a great return. So folks, all I can say is get an idea from this and apply it to your own business that way you can get the same results.

The numbers don’t lie. Below are my traffic stats for and for years now I have gotten a consistent flow of traffic without paying a dime and this website is my main source of customers and buyers.

This is more proof that my business website design work. It works for my clients and I and everyone is happy 😀

Well I hope this helps you and I hope that you put what you’ve learned into action so you, too, can get more customers. Also please, please spread the word and share these ideas with someone who needs more customers.

BTW: If you have any questions about “building an effective and powerful business website design” or if you want me to do this for your business, Please give me a call 702-430-1649. Let me know what you think guys, please comment below and please don’t be shy 😀 Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

6 Responses to Business Website Design That Work

  • Abi Carmen says:

    Nice article, true 100% but don’t make me come to Vegas and start messing with your city. (Justkidding), I love Destin, moved down here 8 yrs. ago from Chicago and never looked back. Love Vegas too as my baby sister has lived there for about 15 yrs.
    Although I’m not a fisherman I will probably stop in and check on your DestinCharter guy as I’m down that way quite a bit. Love the site you did for him and it looks like it’s ranking fairly well.
    Keep up the great articles,

    • Hi Abi,

      Hey! Bro. welcome to my blog I think this is the first time I see you here. Yeah! my in-laws lives in Florida too they loved it there.

      Say Hi to captain Mark for me when you visit “Destin Charter”. Thank you so much for stopping by and really appreciate your comment. Take care.

      God Bless,


  • Pat Sipperly says:

    Your work is quite impressive. I spent some time looking over that fishing website, and Wow! What a fantastic job. Professional and inviting. No wonder why their business is doing better than ever! We may have to talk soon.

  • Nithiyaah says:

    Hi Albert,
    Another great blog post with real life case study. Yes, good looking website can bring in more customers and business to anyone especially if the business is drowning. I hope more people will take advantage with your great graphic designing work.  Take care Bro… May God Bless You and Your Loved Ones…

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