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Info Product Marketing

Info Product Marketing

Free Minisite Video Tutorial

I know software for creating websites (HTML Editor) like Frontpage and Dreamweaver can be really expensive for some of you especially now a days with the economy and many people losing their job.

The least I can do is to show you an alternative you can use and I even took it further and showed you how you can create your own minisite using free software (NVU).

So don’t postpone your business or product creation because you can’t afford software.

Just watch the video below and learn from it. To watch the video in full screen click the right corner of the player.

BTW: You can download NVU Software Here!

That’s it and feel free to comment! (Don’t be Shy!)

Please do me a huge favor if you know anyone that can benefit from this information please forward this post by using the SHARE THIS below, I’ll promise you they’ll thank you for it!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

Watch This Video! (Multi Billion Dollar Business)

If your putting off starting your own internet business you really need to watch this video.


The video that you’ve just seen is true! There’s literally thousands of people making a good living online and the best business on the internet is simple to do by creating your own informational products that people will gladly pay you to access or download.

Folks, I can’t stress enough that making money on the internet is the way to go. I’m your living testimonial. Yes I make a good living on the internet and boy! this is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. It’s not only because of the finances but the freedom while working from home and seeing my family everyday and getting to play tickle fight (Gilian and Mylles favorite) with my kids is priceless.

Listen, I want you to do the same and I believe in you all the way! You can do this! I will be here by your side just ask me if you have any questions or anything. Take that very first step, put up your first MiniSite right now. If you don’t know how to build one just check out my products on your right hand side, I have minisite video training, and Simple Page Templates just check it out!

Yes you have to have a website and that’s your first step and as soon as you have one up and running you’ll be motivated to take the 2nd step and 3rd step and so on!

So show some action and I know you can do it! Go on and break a leg!!
Really I mean break a leg! (not really, please)

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

POWER PAK Minisite Templates! ONLY $…

You really don’t want to pass up this great DEAL you’ll regret it if you do!Many of us are busy running around probably shopping, finishing up your holiday activities, but are you ready to market your product in 2008?

I’m pretty sure you have a couple of projects lined up or a good idea and you need to put this into action. You need to dress up for success, you need attention grabbing Minisite Templates so you can market your product fast and effectively.

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"Copywriting MiniSite" This One Is My Favorite And Is
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So Go ahead, Get your 3 Power Pak Minisite Templates RIGHT NOW!

To Your Success,
Albert Hallado