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Success Story

Success Story

The Clear Path to Success

It seems just like yesterday that I got laid off and I didn’t know what to do and here I am 3 years later running a successful business.

Yes I can say it successful because my business is thriving in this economy which is the opposite of what you’ll hear on the news or just about everywhere…

Geez even those multibillion dollar businesses and corporations are shutting down and asking for a bailout. Even those small business are hurting and shutting down as well, but my business is really doing well…

I get clients from every direction plus my regular clients for the past 3 years are still doing business with me and product sales are great.

Now don’t get me wrong I am NOT bragging about it or anything at all but rather it’s to inspire you that no matter what the circumstances seem like you don’t give up.

Just keep on pressing forward even if you’ve lost everything or you’ve lost your job or you’ve lost your house, just remember winning a race is NOT easy but stay in the race and keep pressing forward and don’t give up.

This is true, clear path to success and eventually you will win… If you want to see proof just watch the video below 😀

Folks this is my first public speaking at a big seminar (Turbo Seminar) it’s actually John Delavera’s event here in Vegas at the Monte Carlo Casino.

There were many great speakers lined up like John Delavera himself, Mark Joyner, Simon Leung, Warren Whitlock, and many more.

I was very excited! Guys right after I spoke a couple gals ask me to take pictures with them and I got invited to speak in few workshops so I felt like a little celebrity for a second  😀 (just kidding)

So don’t get surprised when you see me speaking at one of those big seminars, man this is really a blessing for me. Guys everything that I’ve envisioned is NOW manifesting, I really thank my GOD!

Well I just want to share with you the video so it will serve as inspiration to you. I also want to thank John Delavera for helping me when I was just starting out he gave me that push that I needed and directed me to the clear path of success.

That’s why I am doing the same thing and helping you guys to go in that direction as well so you too can see and take the clear path to success.

Here are a few pictures of me and the “Turbo Family”

Me, my wife and John Delavera


The Turbo Family


Let me know what you think guys, please comment below and please don’t be shy  😀 Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

Another One Of My Students Success Stories

I would like to share another success story with you about a very good friend of mine his name is Troy Williams and he’s the President and CEO of

Troy found me on Google thru my site Minisite Video Training and he became one of my students in internet marketing.

Troy is a very successful business man (Offline) he’s been in the Background Check industry for over 16 years and he’s doing really well.

Troy also has a very big heart and does a lot in his community including charity work too! Troy knows what it takes to be successful and his business continues to grows with plenty of friendly employees and staff.

I’ve been working with Troy for a while now and I know he’s a smart business man because he understands the power of the internet he knows what this can do for his business.

He’s right, now these days you can’t have a business with out a web presence because your limiting your business’ maximum potential plus you’re leaving tons of money on the table.

So Troy has really worked hard to make this happen. I remember he told me, “Albert you watch, I will dominate the Background Check business on the internet,” and I said, “Yes you can Troy you did it offline so you can do it online too.”

This is true. Anyone can succeed online if it’s done right. Troy and I joined together to make everything possible to make this a success and now I am honored to announce to you the re-launch of!!!

Troy is in the specific niche market which is background checks and what it is if you’re an employer and hiring someone and you’re in doubt then the best thing you can do is run a background check.

If you’re parents and not sure about your daughter’s boyfriend well, run a background check, or even in our business internet marketing if your out sourcing a job and you’re not sure of a person run a background check.

You can call Troy’s company at 1-888-449-8991 and mention that you’re my subscriber and they might give you a surprise.

We can all use Troy services when it comes to background checks or if you know someone that needs it.

Please do me a favor and spread the word for Troy about his re-launch of and like what I said Troy has a big heart and treats everyone like a VIP and can be trusted and I put my name on it PERIOD!

Troy Williams, my friend, congratulations with the re-launch of

OH! I almost forgot Troy told me, "If your one of my subscribers and you call or email his company he will give you a Free Instant Statewide Criminal Search and a Free Report about background checks" yes for free so here’s the number again 1-888-449-8991

Links for free reports Business and Personal

That’s it and feel free to comment! (Don’t be Shy!)

Please do me a huge favor if you know anyone that can benefit from this information please forward this post by using the SHARE THIS below, I’ll promise you they’ll thank you for it!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado