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Got Laid Off? Then Start Blogging!

Man! I was going through my traffic stats and this particular “Keyword” caught my attention and I will explain why! But the actual keyword is this “I so need a job” at first it made me laugh but I realized that many people are in this situation.

Actually if you see the news lately it has been getting worse so I started feeling really bad and realized that this is a serious thing and I know exactly how it feels not having a job. It happened to me I got laid off and I felt nervous and freaked out I didn’t know how I was gonna pay my bills and how my family was going to eat.

Oh! I took a screenshot below of the actual keyword that this person typed and found my site on  As you can see I think my site is number 3 after the Yahoo ads and my site is about my post like last year and the title is “Blogging Can Help You Find A Job!”

which is good because this particular person who is searching for a job will actually know that blogging can help him 🙂

 Search Result

…And below is the recorded keyword from my shortstat.

    Short Stats
Folks I talk to all of my friends and family and tell them to start blogging so they can have something to fall back on if things are tight or in times of difficulties. Like what happened to me when I got laid off.

I know it’s really hard I remember if it wasn’t for my best friend Beau Penaranda who helped me get a job in his company that he’s working for at the time so we can have food and a little bit for Christmas (it was very close to Christmas when I got laid off).

So I really appreciate my Friend Beau he’s always there for me. After working with Beau’s company I got laid off again the business slowed down so I don’t have a choice but to blog and I never looked back since (Jan. 01 2008) and I’ve been so blessed that now I make a living with this blog

And I’ve met a bunch of great people and some of them I’ve seen only on television and some are very influential people. I love blogging and with my blog I’m able to provide for my family here in Vegas and in the Philippines.

I remember when I used to work on my day job I made pretty good money $23.00/Hr but we still struggled and it hurts when I saw my wife crying because we have to wait till the next payday to buy shampoo it really broke my heart.

Many times I worked late at night and caught myself crying because of our situation but now everything has turned around 360 and we’re doing really great, not just with the finance but it’s less stress and heart ache.

As you may know we just took a short vacation to Laughlin and it was really fun and these are the things that we can do now. Actually I took my family again last Friday to Mt. Charleston see the video below and how I caught a lion 😆 


Anyways I just want to encourage all of you guys to start blogging. Just blog about the things that you like and what you’re passionate about and don’t get discouraged if you don’t make money at the beginning but it will come in time.

Just by you blogging you’re actually building your equity and building the value of your blog and later on you will have a massive community that will follow you and buy whatever you’re selling because they TRUST you! That’s it folks take care and love you guys!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

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