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Make Money Blogging!

Exactly two weeks ago today I launched Vegas Traffic Jam! and I was overwhelmed with the feedback. I received tons of unsolicited testimonials from people that bought VTJ.

I’ve also seen people writing very good reviews that are already in Google search.

I read one review and he was saying that he’s not even done reading Vegas Traffic Jam! eBook and with what he implemented from my book he’s already on the first page of Google!

Is that amazing or what?

If this was you who wrote this I would appreciate it if you comment on this post. Well the reason I am telling you all this is because I want you to know all that I am teaching you here on my blog is working and I want you to be my witness.

I believe in an open book relationship. The launch of VTJ was successful in only two weeks live with ZERO complaints. I still need to keep promoting it till I meet my goal though.

All the methodology and strategies that I wrote in this eBook Vegas Traffic Jam! is already working for many people that bought the eBook.

I knew it all along there’s a better way to make money with your blog! Guys! I can’t stress enough to tell you that you need to start blogging!

I only have one blog and I am making a living with it and no I am not a guru or using some kind of magic I am just an average guy.

No matter what your niche, a blog is a really powerful tool for your online business because this is where your going to connect with your market and build a relationship with them.

It’s like your building a community that will buy your product at the same time be friends with them so later down the road they’ll buy your product over and over again.

And the key to long term business success is to build a solid relation with your market. This was something I learned from a very good friend and Mentor John Delavera.

Folk’s if you want a continuous income and business you need to do this you don’t have a choice.

So go ahead and start blogging this will help your business tremendously! Also grab my eBook "Vegas Traffic Jam!" this will help you drive Laser Targeted Traffic to your blog.

Oh! Before I forget many people have been asking me who wrote the "Vegas Traffic Jam!" sales copy? Well you wont believe it and I am not bragging about it but I wrote the sales copy!

Actually I created everything from thin air and I am not a copy writer but here’s my secret on writing my own sales copy "Killer Copy in 3 Steps"

That’s it and feel free to comment! (Don’t be Shy!) Please do me a huge favor if you know anyone that can benefit from this information please forward this post by using the SHARE THIS below, I’ll promise you they’ll thank you for it!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

3 Responses to Make Money Blogging!

  • DesDrec says:

    Hey Albert. I’m gonna be honest and say that I haven’t had the time to implement everything in the book, but I certainly intend on doing so. As I’ve said before, this is a great ebook for the newbie or even pro and taught me a few things I didn’t know. The product placement advice is priceless and i can’t believe I haven’t done this yet.

    That’s what happens when you have multiple products on the go at the same time 😉

  • Hi Albert,

    I already told you by email how much I appreciated your method.
    For sure it’s for everyone a Great Source of Inspiration.

    I’d almost say a fountain of inspiration.

    Thanks a million for Vegas Traffic Jam, I’ve no doubt it will help me on all my websites & blogs.

    To OUR Success!

  • MIke Gates says:

    Albert, I have made some changes to my blogs based on your VTJ blog suggestions. I still have a few to implement and will hopefully get that done soon. I think many bloggers, like me, build a blog and start driving traffic to it without really thinking about layout and what you want to accomplish. Your VTJ really gets into the details of focused blogging. I am also a John D. fan. Mike

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