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Internet Marketing

A Perfect Model For A Lead Capture Page!

What good does it do if you’re NOT building your database of potential customers or NOT getting the information about you target audience? YOU and I know that in any business you need a customer base or buyers but before people buy from you need to establish some kind of relationship or build that connection right?

So how in the world are you going to communicate with your potential buyers or customers if you don’t have their information so you can send them updates about your product and service?

Especially on the internet medium it’s a fact that the majority of folks just don’t buy anything the first time they see it and it makes sense because I am the same way and many folks I know they’re the same it’s NOT they don’t have money.

But you simply don’t know the person that’s selling you the product that why it’s necessary to communicate with your target market consistently for you to have that solid relationship with them. Because in any business of any kind customers buy from the folks that they know, like and TRUST period.

So to execute this and solve your problem you need a lead capture page that will capture your customer’s basic information like Name and eMail so you can market to this crowd in the future or at a later time and build a relationship with.

But how can you use the lead capture page to the maximum potential and make it work for your business? Well watch the video below to find out what are some characteristics of successful lead capture pages:

The actual lead capture page in the video is owned by my one of my best friends (Duane Hope) that has a very successful eBay business that has nothing to do with internet marketing or a get rich quick thing. Actually Duane is about to launch a complete course on this but I can’t say anything right now about it… I will ask him though so I can show it to you guys one of these day.

Like what you’ve seen on the video lead capture page or lead generation page it is necessary for any business and you should incorporate this with your blog or site just like the 7 Deadliest eBay Sins this lead capture page is also linked to Duane’s blog see below:

And here’s 7 Deadliest eBay Sins lead capture page…

7 Deadliest eBay Sins

Guys I truly believe all this stuff that I’m sharing with you will help your small business if you put it into action and you cannot go wrong capturing the information of your future buyers.

Before I forget Duane actually gave me a video as a case study about this a while back and had a blog post about it! “The Vegas Traffic Jam Effect!” you can check it out.

Well that’s it and I hope this will give you an idea so you can apply it with your own business and you too can start building your own list of potential customers that you can build relationships with as well. I’m telling you this is very powerful stuff.

BTW: If you have any questions about “Blogging For Business” or you need help to creating your own lead capture page, video squeeze page and branding it, Please give me a call at 702-430-1649.

Do me a favor please let me know what you think guys, comment below and please don’t be shy 😀 Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

Make Fast Cash With Local Business

Many local businesses in your area do NOT know how to market their business online. It’s not that they’re dumb or anything but many are just used to placing ads in their local newspaper and phone directories and you know these things don’t work anymore.

So that’s why they shut their door because their marketing efforts are not effective and are no longer working for them.

To stay in business in today’s market you need to reach more customers and more customer’s means more sales and people still buy and spend their money you just need to go where they hang around which is on the internet.

There’s millions of potential customers in your local area that are looking for your product or services, but many local businesses don’t know anything about this stuff and that’s where you’re gonna come in.

Local businesses are desperate for your help and they need it like yesterday. Watch the video and find out why they need your expertise so bad…

As you can see on the video local businesses really need your service to help them with their internet marketing.

Folks I know this first hand I work with many small business everyday and they are desperate for help they would rather stay in business than shut their doors forever.

So if you have some knowledge about internet marketing this is a great opportunity for you, one thing with local business is that these folks are willing to pay they’re NOT one of those people that buy a 9 dollar ebook and after a few hours ask for a refund these folks are serious.

So here’s the goal in order for local businesses to stay in business they need to reach more clients and customers, more customers means more sales. Your Job is to help them get more customers and you can do this for them by utilizing the power of the internet.

If they don’t have a blog that’s the start you can setup one for their business and they can get new customers by doing this. With blogging you can optimize your post to attract your target market and you’ll get organic traffic from the search engines.

Setup a Google map for their business so when local customers search for their products or services they will be on page one of the results.

Create them a social media profile for their business like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on… this is one way of getting new customers.

You can create a video for them and put their website/blog URL and telephone number on the video and submit this to as many video directories as you want and this will definitely make their phone ring and can also be viral.

My point is if you’re an expert at any one of these strategies then you might as well help your local business and make good money. You can charge them by the hour, piece work or maybe a package deal.

You can even charge them a retainer fee if that’s what you want to do. Also you can do this part time if you have a full time job.

Actually my student Mark Valentine he’s doing this on a part time basis yet he makes a good income. Well I know this is a great opportunity for you at the same time you’re helping your local businesses to stay in business.

BTW: If you have any question about this or if you want to be a “Local Business Internet Marketing Consultant” give me a call 702-430-1649 I teach many students to do this because it is in great demand.

I hope this helps and gives you an idea that you can use and implement. Let me know what you think guys, please comment below and please don’t be shy 😀 Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

Big Profits for Helping Small Businesses Offline

Big Profits for Helping Small Businesses Offline

Folks I am getting better and better every day. I just confirmed what I had it was H1HN but it’s all over now and I’m back in action. As I said I will be talking more about helping small local businesses for profit.

But first before I go further I want to let you know that this business requires you to have knowledge in internet marketing to help small businesses in your area.

Guys this business has been very great for me and I’ve helped many businesses here in Las Vegas and throughout the United States from Pest Control business, Car Repair Shop to Natural Health Products Store and as you can see NOT a single one of my clients are in the internet marketing crowd they all have a real offline business.

No doubt that this business is lucrative, just imagine having a clientele that actually has money not just those folks that buy 9 dollar ebooks, then ask for refund, Small Business clientele have a mindset that when they approach you they’re ready to pay you.

Just like the “Bank Robber” these guys go for the bank because that’s where the money is simple as that, right? It’s the same with business you gotta go to the markets that have money. NOT to the markets that are broke then they can’t buy or afford your services, it make sense right?

So how does all this work? Well like what I said you need your internet marketing knowledge so you can sell these services to small businesses.

They need a lot of services because now they know the local advertising like the phone book and radio advertising are no longer effective so they’re desperate for new strategies that are cost effective at the same time it will give them a great return on their investment.

Folks I know this very well because I’ve been doing this for over 3 years now and this is my focus in my business is to help business owners do business on the internet.

Ok! If you have the knowledge on setting up blogs, squeeze pages (I called them lead generation page), basic SEO, know how to setup google map, basic graphics design and you’re a “go getter” then this is for you man!

The way you charge small businesses is to either sell a package or charge them by the hour. Me, I do both. Like for example you can  charge them anywhere  $50 to $100.00 per hour or put a package together called “Build Your List Of Buyers” package and this is for $1500.00 and includes:

Setting up a lead generation page, configuring their autoresponder, creating the pages with their business brand, like logo of the company, color scheme and look and feel, also include local search engine optimization, setting up google map now this is just an example of course you can do more…

These services alone can be offered to local pest control, Chiropractor, Dentist, Real Estate agent, apartment managers and much more. This is just an example but you can create more packages like consulting and setting up a business blog.

Man this is where the money is because there’s more work and this will be the most effective way of getting new business or leads is by blogging so you can make more by training their staff or coaching them how to blog.

I have a student that I’ve been coaching his name is Mark Valentine and now he’s doing great! A couple of days ago when I talked to him he said he had a few clients that he’s working with plus a new client, I am really happy for Mark he really puts what he learns into action and now he knows that where ever he goes he can have work for himself.

Now I don’t want you to overwhelm you with a bunch of information I will do this slowly but surely. Guys I do this every single day and as long as there’s a small business then you have a business so it’ a business for life that you can pass along to your kids…

But in the coming future I will probably coach a small group of people that are willing to take their business to the next level and I will teach them everything I know and how I do it, so make sure that you’re always here and participate.

Well that’s it for now and I hope this will give you an idea so you can put it to work. If you have something to say speak up and comment below and please don’t be shy  😀 Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado