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Got Laid Off? Then Start Blogging!

Man! I was going through my traffic stats and this particular “Keyword” caught my attention and I will explain why! But the actual keyword is this “I so need a job” at first it made me laugh but I realized that many people are in this situation.

Actually if you see the news lately it has been getting worse so I started feeling really bad and realized that this is a serious thing and I know exactly how it feels not having a job. It happened to me I got laid off and I felt nervous and freaked out I didn’t know how I was gonna pay my bills and how my family was going to eat.

Oh! I took a screenshot below of the actual keyword that this person typed and found my site on  As you can see I think my site is number 3 after the Yahoo ads and my site is about my post like last year and the title is “Blogging Can Help You Find A Job!”

which is good because this particular person who is searching for a job will actually know that blogging can help him 🙂

 Search Result

…And below is the recorded keyword from my shortstat.

    Short Stats
Folks I talk to all of my friends and family and tell them to start blogging so they can have something to fall back on if things are tight or in times of difficulties. Like what happened to me when I got laid off.

I know it’s really hard I remember if it wasn’t for my best friend Beau Penaranda who helped me get a job in his company that he’s working for at the time so we can have food and a little bit for Christmas (it was very close to Christmas when I got laid off).

So I really appreciate my Friend Beau he’s always there for me. After working with Beau’s company I got laid off again the business slowed down so I don’t have a choice but to blog and I never looked back since (Jan. 01 2008) and I’ve been so blessed that now I make a living with this blog

And I’ve met a bunch of great people and some of them I’ve seen only on television and some are very influential people. I love blogging and with my blog I’m able to provide for my family here in Vegas and in the Philippines.

I remember when I used to work on my day job I made pretty good money $23.00/Hr but we still struggled and it hurts when I saw my wife crying because we have to wait till the next payday to buy shampoo it really broke my heart.

Many times I worked late at night and caught myself crying because of our situation but now everything has turned around 360 and we’re doing really great, not just with the finance but it’s less stress and heart ache.

As you may know we just took a short vacation to Laughlin and it was really fun and these are the things that we can do now. Actually I took my family again last Friday to Mt. Charleston see the video below and how I caught a lion 😆 


Anyways I just want to encourage all of you guys to start blogging. Just blog about the things that you like and what you’re passionate about and don’t get discouraged if you don’t make money at the beginning but it will come in time.

Just by you blogging you’re actually building your equity and building the value of your blog and later on you will have a massive community that will follow you and buy whatever you’re selling because they TRUST you! That’s it folks take care and love you guys!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

Family Vacation In Laughlin!

Folks I’m back from our short vacation. Yeah! It was very short but it was so much fun! Sometimes you just need to get away and do some fun things. We will take another vacation when my son Brandon gets here pretty soon.

Anyways everyone knows that when your PC gets stuck or freezes up you simply reboot and most of the time it will fix the problem. With many of us this is the case too we need to reboot yourself get away so you can come back with a fresh mind.

Just like what I did! I have been busy from the beginning of the year (non-stop) and working long hours with special projects and working with my Small Business clients so I just needed to get away for a short time just to rejuvenate everything and believe me it’s the best thing.

OK! The video below is mixed clips from our vacation please watch it and enjoy!


Also the pictures below are me and my family, my wife Darcie, kids Gilian and Mylles:

Me and my wife Gillian and Mylles Me and my Kids Gillian feeding the ducks Mylles feeding the ducks Mylles and my wife on jetski Me and Mylles on jetski Me and my kids wearing cowboy hat My wife and Gillian Me Gillian and Mylles Gillian and Mylles Me and the kids Me and the kids Wife and the kids Me and the kids Me and my wife 

I just wanted to share this with you and I hope you’ll be inspired to start blogging. It’s not to make a lot of money but to live how you want and be comfortable.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

Why Replying To Your Customers Email Can Make You Money!

Ok! This is a good post today folks so I want you to pay attention so you can do the same with your business because this applies to any business or niche you’re in.

I’ve noticed lately customer service just went down the toilet, what I mean by that is almost everywhere you go now the old customer service is long gone I remember when I had this particular cell phone and when I would call the 1-800 customer service for a simple question and…

Man! I had to argue with everyone before I got an answer (I will not name any companies) and this also applies here with local business. I was telling my wife when we went to eat at our favorite restaurant.

We noticed every single one from the manager to the server looked sad and nobody was smiling and they get mad at you when you ask for something. So most of the time I will just shake my head and pray for these folks that’s the best thing we can do,

Besides we don’t want to absorb their negativity. Folk you can’t run a business like this you just can’t. I always preach here on my blog business is all about building relationships and if you run your business in a negative atmosphere you will NOT survive period.

But what if you’re actually nice and helpful to your customers? Well let me tell you and show you an example what can happen. Last week I had an email asking me if I have an affordable templates that I can sell to him,

He had no idea about my other products and I know this because his email came from the "Minisite Video Training" contact us FORM. Actually I took a screenshot of the email below:

Please pay attention to the date and time stamp on the email because I’m going somewhere with this 🙂

Customer Email

When I got this email it was Thursday, May 07, 2009 11:23 PM and my reply time stamp is Thursday, May 07, 2009 11:39 PM as you can see below:

Customer Email

If you notice below my signature Albert I also put my Blog URL: that’s what leads him to all of my products because is my "Central Site" OK! Watch this! 9 minutes later TADA!

Yes! My inbox plays this sound indicating I made sale pretty cool huh! And this is from this guy who emailed me asking a question.


After an hour another sale from the same person…..


You see all I did is answer my email and it probably took me a few minutes or less to reply to it and the end result $66.00 bucks! I know that’s not a lot but my point is by applying the traditional old school customer service you know be nice and helpful will lead to sales.

The reason being is your customers will feel confident enough to buy from you not once but twice because he knows there’s a human being on the other end that will answer if they have any questions, he feels someone will help if he doesn’t understand something!

This goes back to my post last week "How You Can Make People Buy From You" responding to email so your potential customer will build confidence and trust to buy from you!

Folks this is just one email, I receive many emails like this and it always result into sales, so really by replying to your customers emails will make you money 🙂

So now you know if you’re ignoring your customers email you might want to respond to it and pay attention. Your customers are responsible for making you money anyways… There you have it folks hope you learn and put it into action!!!

That’s it and feel free to comment! (Don’t be Shy!) also when you comment and you have URL to your site it will show on the sidebar of this blog and guess what you’ll get some of my traffic!

Please do me a huge favor if you know anyone that can benefit from this information please forward this post by using the SHARE THIS below, I’ll promise you they’ll thank you for it!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado