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making money online

Why You Should Start Blogging

Before I go over today’s post first I would like to thank everyone who sent me an email and commented on my blog for my birthday I really appreciate you guys big time! I was surprised with the response.

I got tons of emails, comments, and greetings. Oh! Tons of business as well I’ve never been this busy ever in my online business. Man! I am very thankful for all the blessings I mean I am blessed with such a great family my parents, Bro. & Sis. and kids back home in the Philippines and my family here in Vegas! 

And all of my friends I am thankful for all this! GOD is great! Oh! Also I got tons of positive feedback about my post last week about the story of our "Night Club" man it was like a blockbuster.

I got tons of emails complementing me about my writing and the story. Even the big guys on the internet commented on my blog, Joe Sugarman told me he liked the "Night Club" story. Well it just feels great that what I’m doing is actually working.

Alright now back to business, my blog post today is "Why you should start blogging" ok! I will focus more on making money online or on making money by blogging topic since this is the theme of my topic.

First of all blogging or incorporating a blog to your business offers you lots of benefits and all the advantages are in your favor.

A blog allows you to build your credibility as an expert in your field which is very important to initiate a relationship with your subscribers and readership. 

A blog also allows you to build the foundation of your online business for long term success. Blogs can help your subscribers get to know you better, and your product and services.

Since a blog is of a conversational nature you’ll encourage your subscribers, readers and audience to participate and this will draw and attract more people. This will help you build a community around your business and the niche that you’re in.

Also a blog allows you to build your brand and give life to your business versus a typical static website that looks like a business card. With a blog your business can actually have a voice and ears that will update and listen to your subscribers.

This will help boost subscribers or buyers loyalty and gain their TRUST, so you’ll have subscribers or buyers for life. You can start blogging with out a huge investment just your hosting and domain registration and the script or software itself is actually free.

One reason I really like blogging is because it’s very organized and easy to navigate the control panel also there are plenty of plugins that will help your blog for search engine optimization. Once your blog is setup all you have to do is start posting.

All the above that I mentioned is essential to making money online and will also help your business for long term and not just a one shot deal. I know all this because I am living proof of all this. With the economy right now this is the best thing you can do is to Start Blogging.

Actually many people are already going in this direction. Just to verify I did a little research on Google Trends and took the screenshot take a look below: I used these two keywords (How To Blog and Make Money Blogging).

this search is for the keyword "How To Blog"

Make Money Blogging

And this one is for "Make Money Blogging"

Make Money Blogging

You see I am not blowing smoke this is true folks many, many people are now looking for ways to supplement their income and the easy way to make money online is blogging and this is not rocket science you know!

Actually my two Kids Gillian and Mylles will start blogging too so watch out for it I will update you guys about it. OK! Please don’t get me wrong when I said it’s an easy way to make money online of course there’s leg work and this is not a "Get Rich Quick" thing.

Oh! Before I forget if you want to take your blogging experience to the next level I recommend that you get your self a copy of my eBook VTJ "Vegas Traffic Jam!"

Well I hope you liked my blog post today and I hope you learned something and you’ll put it into action.

That’s it and feel free to comment! (Don’t be Shy!) also when you comment and you have URL to your site it will show on the sidebar of this blog and guess what you’ll get some of my traffic!

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Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

CrazyDeals With Membership Wholesaler

First I want you to meet my friend Ian Del Carmen.

I know many of you probably already know him Ian is a very good friend of mine also he’s a Filipino like me.

he has a big heart and is always willing to help people that want to start their own online business.

The reason I know this is because I’ve asked him for help and he’s always helped me! One thing about Ian he knows how to make money online.

he’s been doing this for awhile now and the majority of all the Internet Marketer Big Dogs love Ian because Ian helps them sell their products like hot cakes.

I guarantee you that Ian is always on the top of their long JV list, again I know this because Ian is one of my Top 2 JV’s that sold the most VTJ so this is not just a story that I made up.

When it comes to making money online Ian knows it inside and out that’s why he came out with this Membership Wholesaler so he can help you make money too.

Membership Wholesaler is 23 Fully-Hosted, Hands-Free Maintenance membership sites that you can resell for 100% Profits! Just plug-in your PayPal email address and you can start profiting from these 23 Membership Site.

I don’t usually promote other peoples products here on my blog but I know Ian can help you make money online too! Believe me he helped me big time.

With this economy you need something to fall back onto and have continuity or recurring income and this is it Folks, Membership Wholesaler is your answer. And I can’t believe Ian is literally giving the farm away for the price.

I mean everyone can definitely afford it also, all these 23 Membership Site are Hot Niches like List Building, Traffic Generation, Healthy Food Club, Forex Trading Club, Outsourcing Club, YouTube Traffic Club and many more!

It’s like having a business in a box and since Ian is behind this product I assure you the quality is top notch.

Now I want to sweeten the deal for you that will be going to purchase Membership Wholesaler through my link just email me and send me your receipt and I will give you access to one of these products of your choice (These are all of my best selling products) ($67.00 Value), ($29.00 Value) or ($29.00 Value).

You see I am so confident with Ian’s Membership Wholesaler that I’m willing to give added value just to help with your success. Please take advantage of these crazy deals Membership Wholesaler I don’t want to see you miss out on this great opportunity!

That’s it and feel free to comment! (Don’t be Shy!)

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Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

My Wife Broke $100.00 with Adsense!

Folk’s I am very excited today! Well there’s a lot of things to be excited about first my VTJ (Vegas Traffic Jam!) is now pretty much done and second I would like to congratulate my wife for breaking $100.00 with her adsense site

Make Money With Adsense

She loves it she said she might get some new shoes or a purse because she’s running low! What? I don’t know.

Well anyways I was just really excited for her and really proud of her because I taught her once and after that she was on her own and I saw her traffic man!

For a new blog that is really shocking I mean this Vegas Traffic Jam really works folks.

Short Stat

She’s really becoming an expert. I asked her what keywords she’s targeting and how have you made that much adsense money so fast? And she said she’s used this keyword Wen Hair Care Products that are really popular.

I’ve never heard of an all in one shampoo and conditioner. Well, whatever it is it’s highly searched for on the internet and people are paying high for this keyword.

Well I am telling you this because some people make this making money online too complicated and actually it’s not. You just need to learn and put what you’ve learned into action.

But many will read information like tutorials, ebooks, videos, audio and stop there. If you don’t take action why would you wonder why you’re not making money?

Most of the time you already know what to do or how to do it but never do anything with it so I want to leave you this question Do you really want to make money online?

If so well you need to take action and put what you learn to work. What ever it is you want to create your own product, create your first minisite what ever it is put it to work and I bet you your success is just around the corner.

That’s it and feel free to comment! (Don’t be Shy!)

Please do me a huge favor if you know anyone that can benefit from this information please forward this post by using the SHARE THIS below, I’ll promise you they’ll thank you for it!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado