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Small Business Blog

Launching Your Small Business Blog

Small Business Blog

Man! New Year’s is just around the corner and many small businesses are planning for next year. So for your small business it is necessary to include the launching of your blog if you haven’t done it yet. Or else you’ll be left behind!

NO excuses! This is Do or Die so you have to do this for your business to survive. Blogging for your small business is a great idea for you to generate new leads and new customers, connect and engage with your target market, and have a very effective web presence.

It’s also great as far as search engine optimization plus there are more and more people around the world reading blogs because they’re social and interactive. So here’s what you need to do to launch your small business blog, below I made a list for you to get this going for your business.

Domain Registration: You need to register a domain name for your small business blog, I register all my domain at and they’ve been good to me and I’ve really never had a problem but of course there’s plenty of them out there so just search and get one that suits your taste and budget.

Also just a quick tip on this, it’s a great thing for you to incorporate your business name or relate your business into your domain.

Let’s say your business is about “Pest Control” then your domain should be something like or something like that but of course this is just an example to give you an idea.

Hosting Company: Guys this is very important you need to research out there for a quality hosting company for your small business blog and your key pointers are reliability (at least 99% uptime) you don’t want your site to be down all the time.

When visitors are ready to buy and they go to your site and it’s down then you’ve just lost a sale. Second, make sure it has all the software pre installed in your server like PHP, email services and database, this is necessary to install blogging software like WordPress.

Also you want a hosting company that has a great support with a 1-800 number to call so if you’re having an issue or problem you can call for help this is very important.

BTW: I use for my own blog and for the majority of my sites and products I can recommend them because of my great experience with them having been with them for four years.

This is my affiliate link to meaning if you use this link and signup for their service I will get paid I just want to let you know if you don’t want to use my link that’s fine you just can go directly to their site.

Setup Your Blog: Now that you’ve already registered your domain and got hosting it’s time to setup your blog using a wordpress platform. You can go to to download the latest version which is worpress 2.8.6. You need to upload this to your server and run the installation.

If you don’t have a clue how to do this you can sign up for my FREE Video Access “How To Setup Your Own WordPress Blog” on the right sidebar or just follow the link. Also you can call me at 702-430-1649 for coaching on this (we can go further like branding and much more).

Install Plugin: This is very important make sure you install all necessary plugins for search engine optimization and for security to secure your blog from attacks and hackers and all the plugins for wordpress is available at their site and the majority of the plugins are free.

Branding and Structure: You need to implement your branding with your blog if you already have one if NOT make sure you brand your blog and also choose the right structure for your blog that will convert as far as getting more leads and customers.

You can do this from testing a few wordpress themes out there and see what works for you. I recommend you customize your theme with your brand so your small business blog will stand out.

Create A Buzz: Now it’s time to spread the word through the world so tell your employees to help spread the word about your blog. Also you can tell all your friends and family to help you tell everyone they know that needs your service to go to your blog.

You can also use the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to tell everyone about your new small business blog.

Be A Source: This simply means that you need to provide value in your content so your readership will have a reason to go back to your blog and read more of your posts.

By the way you can also do a video blog and based on my experience this is very effective to really connect with your visitors, It’s more personal because they can see you talking and it’s in their mind that there’s a human being behind that blog so they’ll be more confident going to your blog.

Blog Post Optimization: Ok please don’t make this complicated it is simply making sure your blog post is optimized for the search engine  so you can get laser targeted traffic from them and this is by making sure that you incorporate keywords that typically your visitors would type for the topic of your blog post.

You make sure you put your specific keywords on your meta data.

Make Your Business Blog Social: To attract more leads and visitors (Traffic) for your blog you need to make it social and interactive.

A blog is two ways so if your visitors comment on your blog you need to reply to them even if you’re just saying hi or thanking them for stopping by this will initiate conversation and will attract more visitors to participate and they will tell others.

That’s pretty much it… Now you just keep on blogging and provide value so your blog audience will grow and that means your business will grow as well.

Well guys like always I hope you learned something and I also hope this will help you and your business. Please put it into action so you too can get more buyers and customers. If you have something to say well speak up and comment below. Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

Powerful WordPress Plugin For Your Blog!

One main reason many businesses lose sales online and traffic is because their small business blog loads so slow and sometimes it will time out! So when visitors land on your blog they have to wait and many just don’t have any patience and I can understand they’re just too busy with their own stuff.

Well for you that don’t know wordpress blogs sometimes load slow because it is a database driven site, meaning it pulls all the information from the database and that’s why it loads slow.

Now I found this powerful plugin that will solve this problem and make your wordpress blog faster I mean you will be able to see the difference after installing this plugin… So don’t wait and watch the video to see what I’m talking about…


Here’s the link [WP Super Cache] for the plugin I just want to make a “NOTE” that it’s not my affiliate link it’s straight from the wordpress site 🙂 Well I hope you enjoyed watching and I hope that you learned, also too I hope you download the plugin and install it on your own blog.

By the way if you need some coaching with your business or your blogging strategies please Skype me @ netbizreview or you can call me at 702-430-1649.  Again hope this helps your business. Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Small Business

Supercharge Your Small Business!

According to the dictionary “Supercharge” means boost, increase or raise; so do you want to supercharge your small business? Obviously YES! Right? 🙂 A while back I talked about how “ONLY 44% of small businesses have a website!” and these are facts!

The majority of small businesses are still using the old school marketing which is advertising in the phone book and spending thousands of dollars for their listing. This is sad because the majority of people throw these phone books away the moment they get them.

Actually that’s what I did! Nothing against the company that makes them but I just don’t use them and I’ve seen my neighbors throw them away as well. The local news here in Las Vegas actually did a story about people who just leave their phone books outside their door and don’t do anything with them and how it was a waste of paper,

So that tells you that method isn’t gonna work these days. Today when I’m looking for something either a restaurant or a recreation spot I use Google, and often you will hear people say “Just Google It!” That’s what I do because it works every time.

So if you’re a small business owner and paying for advertising to be listed in the phone book then you are wasting your money because less and less people are reading or using them.

This is what I am going to talk about on today’s blog post “5 Ways To Supercharge Your Small Business” by implementing a web presence.

Offline you pay thousands of the dollars to be listed in the phone book because you think you’re targeting the massive crowds but this is long gone and it’s NOT going to work anymore.

On the internet it’s less expensive at the same time you’re getting global exposure 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So you want your small business to be on Google or all major search engines to get a slice of the big pie.

Now the big question is “HOW DO I DO THAT?” don’t worry I’m here to help, so here we go!

Web Presence: Well obviously to have an effective exposure over the internet you need to have a website but here’s the thing static websites are no longer effective you need to have a blog as a platform for your business so you can communicate with your market.

A blog is such a powerful communication tool that you should incorporate with your small business. By having a blog you’re not just attracting your audience but also the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. They like blogs because they’re frequently updated and it’s an interactive nature.

Target Your Audience: You need to target your audience. Even with your small offline business if you’re attracting the wrong crowd, meaning if you’re selling shoes then you should be talking about shoes or something that relates to that market.

Maybe you can talk about what are the right shoes to wear for certain occasions and give them some information or tips about shoes and at the end show case your products or link to that post to your product page. Of course this is just an example to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Build Your Community: Building your community around your market will definitely supercharge your small business (because they’re the ones who will buy from you later on).

To build your community you need to provide them with useful information that will benefit your audience so they will have a reason to come back and to also attract new audiences. You need to constantly to interact, communicate and build a solid relationship with them.

I will recommend using a third party autoresponder to collect their names and email so you can update or email all of them at once when you have a new blog post.

Ask What They Need: Now from time to time you should ask your audience to see what their having a problem with or if they need something specific so you’ll know what to give them or what to sell to them.

I usually do this by running a poll on my blog and by listing a few questions and all they have to do is check on the things that applies to their needs. You have to remember you’re the problem solver and you’re the one who will help them and provide a solution for what they need. This is how you will stand out among your competitors.

Sell Your Product and Services: OK! This is the exciting part but please understand that you don’t sell directly to your blog you don’t want your blog to look like a big billboard or advertising company this will scare readers’ away, big time!

The right way to do this is to have a product page that lists all your product and services. You can promote this page on your blog by linking them to your related blog posts. Let’s say if you’re giving them tips about shoes then you can link them to one of the shoes that your selling it’s not a hard sell but at the same time it’s still related and targeted.

Also please remember your blogs main purpose is to attract readers first then turn them into subscribers so you can build a relationship with them and then turn them into buyers and then repeat the process.

Well I hope you like my blog post also I hope that you learned a few things or gave you an idea so you can apply it to your small business. Oh! BTW: if you don’t have a blog yet you should start and you can…

Learn “how to setup your own wordpress blog” by signing up on the form on the sidebar just put your name and email then you will gain instant access after confirming your email. Take care and love you guys!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado