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How Small Businesses Survived During The Great Depression

The Great Depression

I was doing extensive research on how small businesses survived during the past great depression in the 1930’s and how is it different from this economy that were facing.

So you and I can learn from it but really most businesses that survived during the great depression are those that has strong relationships with their customers.

Businesses that stand on the principle that no matter what they’re going to provide what their customers need while treating them with respect and providing value and quality service.

Another thing that small business did back then is to diversify like this one article that I read rather than closing their beer business down they diversified into dairy farming, Broadway shows, and dance halls during the great depression instead of shutting down or selling out.

Many businesses are also looking for new opportunities to stay in business by trading services or by bartering. I know what we have today is a different situation but the principles on surviving this are the same: to diversify and to provide 100% customers satisfaction.

If you pay attention on what’s happening this is actually true, look at what happened to the auto industries most of them either filed bankruptcy or begged for a bail out.

But Toyota remained standing strong and people still buying their cars because their cars are top notch quality and they treat their customers right and with respect.

Same thing with Mac computers their stock market is at an all time high because their computers are top notch quality and they stand on their principle of providing customer satisfaction.

Folks in today’s business world it’s tough but history tells us if you diversify, pay attention for new opportunities, and treat your market right then you’ll be fine.

But see you can even do more now because you have so many tools like the internet and many are very inexpensive like for instance this Bedding’s company that has been profiled on CNN last night.

I think the company name is Long’s Bedding from New York they survived the great depression in the past and now they’re also doing great.

Actually they refuse to cut back and layoff their employees but rather they cut their phone book advertising and use the power of the internet they are now taking orders online.

Hmmm… I’ve been ONLY talking about this for years now!  🙂 So if you’re a small business owner and want to survive in this economy well there you go just do all the steps that I talked about above and incorporate the power of the internet.

Start blogging and build your community online that will buy from you, use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to reach more customers.

Also keep in mind you need to increase your marketing effort to get more customers and stay in business and having a powerful and effective internet presence like a blog will definitely help your small business survive and thrive.

I’m NOT just simply talking about this but I am living proof that in spite of all this negativity, doom and gloom my business is really thriving because I implement everything that I was telling you about.

I know for many small businesses 2009 was hell… well actually for many people too, actually this speaker in our church the other Sunday said if you’re still alive in 2010 you should celebrate because you are a survivor.

Really if you survive these tough times you’ll be untouchable when the economy goes back up plus knowing that your business is strong and can survive the depression is a big accomplishment and goes with your business credibility.

So guys just keep on reading my blog because we’re going to do this together we’re gonna be the last man standing… “Mark My Word!” If you have something to say well speak up and comment below. Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

Surviving Tough Economic Times

Man! have you seen the news lately? I don’t even want anything to do with it because it’s either crazy or it just doesn’t make sense at all, news should be fresh and they should be reporting the facts.

But what concerns me is where this economy is heading because many small businesses and individuals are confused right now while the stock market is skyrocketing the unemployment is also at all time high and why is that?

Well here’s why in my own opinion, the reason being is because all these big corporations are NOT hiring! They are simply outsourcing somewhere else where it is cheap.

You see in business if you have employees the payroll is always the highest expense: for example if you have one employee that’s making $100,000/ year then if you let that employee go you automatically save $100,000 pretty simple right?

So with corporations not hiring anyone they’re saving huge so that’s why stock market is “High” yet the unemployment continues to go through the roof. Guys this should be a wakeup call for all of us that you can’t rely on the government as far running the show and also realize that there’s no such thing as job security anymore.

I know having a business is NOT for everybody but for those that have been wanting to start your own business this is the perfect time. There’s more people that have become millionaires during tough times and history has proven it because new ideas and innovations set in.

So in order to survive in this tough time you need start a small business and be creative because right now this is what you can do that you have full control over. Now I’m not saying mortgage your house and open a full blown shop in downtown.

What I’m saying is for example if you just get laid off and your really an expert in the plumbing area and you can do all kinds of projects like fixing a leaky faucet, replace a toilet, troubleshooting, ect.

Then what you can do at this very moment is to offer your services to your local area and use the wordpress blog as a platform to build your audience and attract your market.

You can blog about your expertise and give your audience tips that they can use around the house that they can do themselves but offer your service on bigger projects. This is just an example to give you the general idea but this applies to any service that you want to offer.

I know I keep telling you to start blogging or if you have a business you need to have a blog, Yeah! I probably sound like a broken record or scratched CD right! But I have my reason for blogging.

I’ve always tried to think 10 step ahead when it comes to business and I actually study and observe people that are very successful that are actually doing it so when I tell you to start blogging it’s because I know that if other people have become successful at it you can too.

You see it’s NOT the blog it’s what it can do for your business. A blog is just a blog if you don’t put it to work, but it can be such a powerful tool for your business to really connect with your direct market and that is the name of the game in todays business if you don’t do this YOU will NOT survive, period!

That’s why even some of these millionaires, billionaire and icons are NOW! blogging too. Here are just a few to prove my point.

Donald Trump's Blog

Donald Trump's Blog

  Mark Cuban's Blog

Mark Cuban's Blog

  Richard Branson's Blog

Richard Branson's Blog

  Larry King's Blog

Larry King's Blog

  Dr. Phil's Blog

Dr. Phil's Blog

I’m sure you recognized a few of these folks if not you must be living under a rock. Anyways some of these folks are Millionaires and Billionaires and yet they’re blogging because they understand that it is a “must” in today’s business in order to survive.

So guys I’ve ONLY told you to start blogging like a gazillion times because I want you to do the same and you can’t go wrong. Well there you have it and NO more excuses, just do it man!.

I hope this will serve as inspiration to you and I also hope that you take that bold action and just freakin do it! Quit messing around 🙂 LOL! If you have something to say well speak up and comment below. Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

WordPress Blog vs. Pay Per Click – PPC

My experience with pay per click (PPC) has not really been pleasant but we all know that many people are doing great with this method. Pay Per Click advertising is simply buying ads from an advertising company like Google, Msn and Yahoo…

Companies will bid for a keyword that their market would typically use to find their product or services and hope these visitors will click their ads and go to their sales page and buy the product or whatever they’re selling.

Based on my own experience with Pay Per Click I spent big bucks but got very little results, maybe the keywords are very competitive, maybe my ads were too weak or something but my results were not good.

Also too, when using pay per click method you need to constantly run your campaign, if you stop your ads stop and your traffic will stop as well. Pay Per Click can also be really expensive many times you need to increase your bid for the good keyword and it’s very complicated too.

I heard people say, “Oh just use pay per click and you’ll get instant traffic,” but don’t forget that traffic needs to convert to sales in order for you to make money. This is why I developed “Vegas Traffic Jam” and it’s mostly dominating keywords through blogging.

I use “Vegas Traffic Jam” everyday and it always works for me of course this is all based on my own experience. Watch the video below to see ““Vegas Traffic Jam” in action.

Results May Vary... - DISCLAIMER

Now using a wordpress blog and implementing “Vegas Traffic Jam” this is powerful stuff! Many times I post on my blog and I’m number one in Google the next day and most of the time I will hold that keyword for a long time.

Below I have a list of keywords that I hold page one in Google and some of them are from the post I did a year ago and yet I’m still on page one and all of the keywords below are actually from my blog post you can check them out and you’ll see I will link them to the actual Google search.

how to create a business presence on the internet

free minisite template

free minisite templates (Plural)

what’s a squeeze page

make money blogging 2009

turn wordpress into a membership site

Order Now Image button

Order Now button

Order Now buttons (Plural)

So getting traffic using a wordpress blog you have a whole lot advantage also you’re not only getting laser targeted traffic but you’ll get traffic for a very long time even from your post from a year ago.

WordPress blog also is a great tool to build a relationship with your potential customers NOT like Pay Per Click that send them directly to the sales copy without knowing about you or your product first.

By doing this you’re just ONLY hoping that someone will click thru and buy. But if you really want to have a customer for life then you need to build a relationship with your customer, because people that knows you, likes you and TRUST you are the people that will buy from you over and over again.

Hope this helps and hope you start blogging and do the same. Take care and love you guys.

NOTE: The link “Vegas Traffic Jam” is a product of mine and NOT an affiliate program so if you buy it then I’ll make money! 😀

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado