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My 10 Year Old Son Will Teach You Social Media

Today I have a very special guest my 10 year old son Mylles and he’ll be teaching you “how to” Social Media Stuff. Mylles is a very smart kid he is at the top of his class, and is also a very nice little boy.


NOTE: Everything that Mylles does online is monitored by Me and his mom my wife, and they only go online under our supervision 😀 Well he’s 10 that’s why! OK take it away Boy!…

Hi I’m Albert Hallado’s son, Mylles Hallado and today I’m gonna tell you stuff about comments on social media. Social media is like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and all that. First you have to say something exciting, something that makes people say, “What?” so you’ll get their attention and read your wall post:

Social Media

Second: reply to all the comments you get and that way you’ll get more comments it’s like a conversation, the more you answer them the more they want to talk to you: Third; put lots of pictures on often. Show them your vacation pictures and tell them all about it! Family, friends and lots of people like it! Oh! by the way you have to be cute 😀

Thank you here’s my dad.

WOW! Great job Boy! Daddy is so proud of you Ok! you can go to your room and study now. I will invite you here more often so Daddy can relax and go to Barnes & Nobles and have my Starbucks cafe mocha…

That’s it! I hope this helped and you get an idea that you can apply it to your social media strategy. Take care and love you guys!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

How To Build Your Twitter Followers

Man days go by fast! It’s Thursday already? In today’s post I have a video for you that will help you grow your twitter followers. Guys you cannot get away with this social media thing we’re in the “social media era” and it’s dominating the net.

Like what they say, “If you can’t beat them, join them” 🙂 well it’s very popular because people like them, it’s very interactive and such a powerful communication tool for your business to connect with your market and build a relationship with them so down the road you can market your product or services to them.

Anyways I want you to watch the video below and put it to work!


Here’s the link to the “Tweet This” wordpress plugin Please don’t waste your time just download the plugin and install it in your wordpress so you can start building your twitter followers and grow your list.

In the future this list will help you and your business grow, believe me guys this is working for me as I’ve shown you in the video. That’s it and I hope you like it, also hope this helps… Take care and Love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado