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The Reason Why You’re Not Making Money!

Many folks get frustrated when they start a site or blog because the fact is they’re not making any money. Well the primary reason why new businesses online are not making any money is because they don’t have a qualified traffic and I would like to emphasize the word qualified.

You don’t just want traffic that’s not going to make you money either. Qualified traffic means the people that are looking for the products, services or whatever it maybe that your selling. Folks, common sense tells you that if people are looking to buy shoes and you have shoes for sale guess what?

They’ll buy them from you because that’s what they’re looking for: now you can get tons of traffic maybe even a million hits in a day but you won’t have any sales simply because they are not qualified meaning they’re not looking to buy shoes and it’s as simple as that.

So this just tells you that you can have everything, a polished blog, great design, all the branding stuff, all your products are great people can use it and make their life better and everything looks awesome but you have NO SALES!! And you probably haven’t had any since you launched your business.

I know this from my years of experience and what really works online. Guys you really don’t need a lot of traffic you just need qualified traffic that will consistently buy your products or services.

Many of you know that I make a living on my blog (this blog! this supports my family here in Vegas and in the Philippines and the reason that I’m able to do that is for years now I have a consistent flow of qualified traffic to my blog, again you don’t need lots of traffic to make a living with your blog.

Watch the video below and see my statistics of qualified traffic and where it’s coming from:


As you’ve seen on the video all the qualified traffic on there I did not pay a single dime or run a Pay Per Click campaign. All I did is keep implementing “Vegas Traffic Jam” methodology that I developed and this is the same strategies that many casino’s are using to market their business and it’s working really well.

The Las Vegas economy is way better than other cities in the US we did not ask for any bail outs and actually we’re hiring 40,000 people at the new MGM City Center this tells you that the casino and hotel strategies work! 🙂

If you really want to make money and make your online business work you need to get qualified traffic to your site or blog, without it you don’t have a business period. This is the truth!

Whatever business you’re in you need qualified traffic to make a sale. Read “Vegas Traffic Jam” if you have the copy put it to work so you can start driving qualified traffic to your blog.

If you don’t have the copy yet here’s the link “Vegas Traffic Jam” I promise you that this is the best investment you’ll buy for your business! Mark my word 🙂 as always’ take cake and love you guys!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

8 Responses to The Reason Why You’re Not Making Money!

  • Cheri says:

    Great post! Thank you for sharing your stats on your blog. I have a new blog, and this gives me a target to shoot for.

    Also, it is really helpful for me to see where you traffic is coming from. After watching your video my goal is to get targeted traffic from the search engines. It seems very basic, but that is a new learning for me that sunk in a little more after watching your video.

    I love the ‘Vegas Traffic Jam’. I read it when I was first starting out with my blog. I am in a different place now with what I have learned and what I am ready to understand, so I am going to read it again. I know I will get more insights out of it now. Because I’m ready!

    God Bless,

    • Hi Cheri,

      Hey! thank you and glad you like my post! also since you have a copy of Vegas Traffic Jam take advantage and read it over and over again sometimes I have to do this myself 🙂 Yeah! put it to work.

      Thanks again’


  • Robert Avila says:

    Good Morning Albert,

    Many times people may feel as though it takes several thousand visitors each day to have a successful Internet Business. Thank you for sharing your numbers and showing how powerful qualified traffic can be!

    You have really removed the mystery when it comes to driving qualified traffic with Vegas Traffic Jam. What’s nice about Vegas Traffic Jam is that anyone can implement your ideas right away and follow along with your videos.

    I continue to revisit Vegas Traffic Jam and get new ideas each time.

    Wish you the best!


    • Hi Robert,

      Your right Robert many people been told that you need to have a massive of traffic to make a living online and this is completely false all you need is to get the right crowd to your blog (qualified traffic).

      >>> What’s nice about Vegas Traffic Jam is that anyone can implement your ideas right away and follow along with your videos.

      Your right again Robert and majority of my method has nothing to do with PPC or article marketing that will consume your time.

      Thank you so much for the comment and really appreciate you!


  • Neil Adams says:

    Hey Albert,

    It’s almost 3 AM here in Dallas and I’m ready to pass out, so remind me tomorrow/today to get your VTJ

    I am looking forward to reading it.


  • Duane Hope says:

    Hey Albert,

    Another great post!

    By the way, each time I re-read Vegas Traffic Jam I get more and more free targeted traffic.

    Thanks buddy for over delivering on your manual!

    Blessings – Duane

    • Hi Mr. Duane,

      Hey! my Bro. thank you for the comment and I really appreciate you.

      >>> each time I re-read Vegas Traffic Jam I get more and more free targeted traffic.

      This is what I called “Vegas Traffic Jam Effect” 🙂

      God Bless you and your’


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