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Video Squeeze Page Template Free Download, it’s My Birthday!

Ok! Today is really not my birthday it’s tomorrow October 23, but I want you to have this! As I said on the last post I have a Gift for you and I hope you like it I know it’s my birthday and you’re supposed to get presents, right?

But it’s been tradition here on my blog every year on my birthday I giveaway something of value that I created and this is one way saying that I really appreciate you and I would like to thank you for all the support and for being there.

I could not do it without you and I really mean it. So below I have a great looking “Video Squeeze Page Template” that I want you to have it’s not a lot but you can use it for your promotions or to build your list of buyers…ect.

When you have a huge list already, don’t forget me!  😆 So go ahead and download it it’s FREE! Nothing to buy, signup, one time offer or any tricky stuff…

Video Squeeze Page Template

 Video Squeeze Page Template

Technical information:

All Images are JPG or PNG, Header and Footer are JPG/PNG Files so you can edit and put your headline on it, This Video Squeeze Page Template is plain HTML.


HTML File: index.html

PSD Files: header, body, footer, button and headline

Images Folder: All images JPG/PNG DOWNLOAD NOW!

NOTE: Please read the READ ME FIRST file (inside the ZIP file) and refer to the video tutorial on how to edit this template. Like what I said you can reciprocate you can send me a present or you can leave me a comment and greet me happy birthday that will do it too.

Also do me a huge favor or this might be your gift for my birthday, can you please spread the words for me and send them over here at tell all the people you know that need my services, coaching and blogging for business, I want to help as many people as possible, ok!…

Well that’s it I hope you put this to use and start building your buyers list. Also I hope this helps… Take care and Love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

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