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Website Design For Business

In today’s post I just want to let you know that my new website for websites and graphic design business is up and running. Also if you could spread the word for me I would really appreciate it.

If you know someone who needs a website for their small business please have them CALL me at 702-430-1649 or send them to my new website and thank you in advance.

Website Design For Business

Remember, I make professionally designed websites that will get you more customers, leads and buyers!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

9 Responses to Website Design For Business

  • Art Derfall says:

    Hi Albert,

    It may be my computer at work, but your photo on the website and graphics site isn’t linked to a video. I’ll check it later on my laptop.

    Your sample sites are great. I’ve done a few using Wix, (pain to figure out the sample data) and Also, a few mobile websites from simple templates or via GoMobi.

    I still need to get my main site up. I’ll link to yours to show examples of custom sites and send any leads to you. You are welcome to them no matter what, but a $50 to $100 finder’s fee would be nice (not required). Have you worked with others like that?

    Do you do the sample sites from scratch? I’ve used Front Page in the past and am a beginner at Dreamweaver. That’s why I use templates. Are you self-taught?

    Art Derfall

    • Hi Art,

      Hey long time no talk man! No Bro. the video is just an image I put it on there as a place holder but it’s live now!. I am glad to see you here again. About the finder’s FEE sure Bro. I will pay you $100.00 if you send customer over and when customer PAID in full I can simply send you VIA Paypal.

      YES! all the websites I do I created all the design from thin air..

      Take care Bro. and God bless,


  • Pat Sipperly says:

    Really Great Looking Site, Bro!!! Bold and Eye Catching!

  • Ed Green says:

    Hey Albert long time no talk to bro.  I am glad to see you getting active again in the design business. You Are The Best at this stuff!  I have been watching (in the background) your continued rise in the IM world.
    Don’t completely forget about us old guys.  😉
    We should talk soon.

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  • Art Derfall says:

    I’ve purchased a number of your products in the past including one or two that covered graphics.
    The level of your work (from scratch) is great. Have you thought of creating an advanced video course
    that shows how some of your example sites were built? Or similar sites. Perhaps, three niche example sites (restaurant, lawyer, plastic surgeon) and the text structure, too. The small details make the sites pop. Have you done WordPress sites?


    • Hi Art,

      Yeah! Bro. I remember you and thank you for the kind word, But about creating a new video product NO I will not do that at this time very busy with helping small business owners. But I coach people to do the same (One-On-One) I sell block of time and the session is via phone and screen sharing via Skype. So basically it’s actual training. Anyways take care Bro.



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