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Why Replying To Your Customers Email Can Make You Money!

Ok! This is a good post today folks so I want you to pay attention so you can do the same with your business because this applies to any business or niche you’re in.

I’ve noticed lately customer service just went down the toilet, what I mean by that is almost everywhere you go now the old customer service is long gone I remember when I had this particular cell phone and when I would call the 1-800 customer service for a simple question and…

Man! I had to argue with everyone before I got an answer (I will not name any companies) and this also applies here with local business. I was telling my wife when we went to eat at our favorite restaurant.

We noticed every single one from the manager to the server looked sad and nobody was smiling and they get mad at you when you ask for something. So most of the time I will just shake my head and pray for these folks that’s the best thing we can do,

Besides we don’t want to absorb their negativity. Folk you can’t run a business like this you just can’t. I always preach here on my blog business is all about building relationships and if you run your business in a negative atmosphere you will NOT survive period.

But what if you’re actually nice and helpful to your customers? Well let me tell you and show you an example what can happen. Last week I had an email asking me if I have an affordable templates that I can sell to him,

He had no idea about my other products and I know this because his email came from the "Minisite Video Training" contact us FORM. Actually I took a screenshot of the email below:

Please pay attention to the date and time stamp on the email because I’m going somewhere with this 🙂

Customer Email

When I got this email it was Thursday, May 07, 2009 11:23 PM and my reply time stamp is Thursday, May 07, 2009 11:39 PM as you can see below:

Customer Email

If you notice below my signature Albert I also put my Blog URL: that’s what leads him to all of my products because is my "Central Site" OK! Watch this! 9 minutes later TADA!

Yes! My inbox plays this sound indicating I made sale pretty cool huh! And this is from this guy who emailed me asking a question.


After an hour another sale from the same person…..


You see all I did is answer my email and it probably took me a few minutes or less to reply to it and the end result $66.00 bucks! I know that’s not a lot but my point is by applying the traditional old school customer service you know be nice and helpful will lead to sales.

The reason being is your customers will feel confident enough to buy from you not once but twice because he knows there’s a human being on the other end that will answer if they have any questions, he feels someone will help if he doesn’t understand something!

This goes back to my post last week "How You Can Make People Buy From You" responding to email so your potential customer will build confidence and trust to buy from you!

Folks this is just one email, I receive many emails like this and it always result into sales, so really by replying to your customers emails will make you money 🙂

So now you know if you’re ignoring your customers email you might want to respond to it and pay attention. Your customers are responsible for making you money anyways… There you have it folks hope you learn and put it into action!!!

That’s it and feel free to comment! (Don’t be Shy!) also when you comment and you have URL to your site it will show on the sidebar of this blog and guess what you’ll get some of my traffic!

Please do me a huge favor if you know anyone that can benefit from this information please forward this post by using the SHARE THIS below, I’ll promise you they’ll thank you for it!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

17 Responses to Why Replying To Your Customers Email Can Make You Money!

  • Alex Newell says:

    Great to see “old school courtesy paying off Albert. Many so called “gurus” hide behind walls and do not reply – some even email you from “donotreply” emails!

    Well, “donotreply” means “do not read” as far as I’m concerned!

    All The Best


    • Hi Alex,

      >>> "Well, “donotreply” means “do not read” as far as I’m concerned!" Ha! Ha! LOL! very funny Alex you’ve just made my day 🙂 it’s true though many email I recieve it’s the same has "Do Not Reply" and I just don’t get it! you can’t run a business like that…

      Anyways as always I am really glad to see you here again and I want you to now that I appreciate you and thank you for the comment.


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  • Paul Perry says:

    Hey Albert
    Its a great fealing to sell your stuff and it just snowballs from the first sale. Maners do not cost any money but a little bit of time, its always nice to be nice. so why not be nice to your customers? They are your bread and butter so you have to look after them.

    • Hi Paul,

      I know just by being nice make a whole lot difference even when I was a butler at the MGM I notice when your nice to your guest they tip you good OK! that’s another tip there! 🙂

      Hey thank you Paul and as always really glad to see you here again!


  • Robert Avila says:

    Hi Albert …. This is a very powerful post!

    Thanks for sharing this experience with us. Actually seeing those screen shots, being walked through how you replied to the request and seeing those sales roll in is a huge!

    Nice example of how great customer service is a win win for everyone!

    Thanks Albert,

    Robert Avila

    • Hi Robert,

      Hey nice to see here again Robert I still need to visit you there at Zappo’s! Yeah! your right it’s a win-win for everyone. actually at the end you get all the favor because these folks will spread the words for you, you know “Word Of Mouth”

      Thank you Robert and I really appreciate you my friend!


  • Adam Arnold says:

    Great post Albert, and excellent point there Alex.

    I receive about 20-35 affiliate emails whilst I am awake (and more when I am asleep – timezones pfttt) and all of which I am subscribed to willingly.

    3/4 Of these emails I get, I can not reply to. I think it is time to save time and unsubscribe to those ones (and there are a few HUGE names I am subscribed to that do the noreply).

    Love ya blog and the products I already purchased Albert, keep it up.

    • Hi Adam,

      Agreed Alex made a great point and it’s funny too! 🙂 Yeah! I don’t even buy to these folks that can’t answer your email they want to sell stuff to you but don’t want you to bother them that doesn’t make sense and it’s NOT business to me. Anyways thank you so much and I really appreciate you Adam.


  • Robert in Minnesota! says:

    Another Good Post Alberto!

    I like the story you shared and have to agree 100% that customer service has been downgrading.

    I often reply to various eMails I get because I’m on several lists and I have questions I want answered. It never fails that I get a Autoresponder eMail saying that I have to go to a different URL and create an account to send/create a support ticket!

    Congrat’s on your quick sales. $66 is a good amount to me!

    Take care,

    Robert In Minnesota!

    • Hi Robert,

      Hey Bud nice to see you here again! Yeah! they’re all have this Ticket Support System now! actaully I have one too! I think it’s fine as long as you answer them and not ingnore it.

      Anyways thank you so much Rob and I appreciate your comment!


  • Philip says:

    Albert, you are oh so right. Good customer service will do the trick every time. Especially when the customer knows it is genuine and from the heart. Myself, I would rather pay a little extra if I am treated right as opposed to getting a discount but being treated like…well, you know. – Philip

  • Hi Philip,

    Yeah! many caught up with all these SEO thing and all the shortcut but sometimes small things like “Customer Service” will do it and add in your bootom line 🙂

    Thank you for stopping by Philip I appreciate your comment.


  • Hello again Albert,

    I pick up some wonderful web tips from your site. The comments on here are so right!! you got a phone and by the time you finally find a person to talk to you have forgotten what you rang them for!!! Yes, Service is a genuine requirement for anyone hwo wants to grow a business, whether it be the bricks and mortar street shop or online, makes no difference. If there is lack of service people will just go elsewhere.

    bless you for having the sense to print this online for all and sundry to read, especially those “big-wigs” of whom I could name a few, maybe that will be sufficient to tell them their customers are looking for service. Bless you all, and be happy.


    • Hi Danella,

      Hey! good to see you here again Danella! I totally agree on you with this:

      >>>If there is lack of service people will just go elsewhere.

      It is really frustrated when your trying to contact someone for a simple question then you can’t even talk to anyone, worst nobody’s answering your email either. of course people will go somewhere and will never buy from you!

      Anyways I am really glad to see here again and thank you for your comment I appreciate you Danella!

      Love and Prayer from Vegas!


  • Ghazal Alvi says:

    Hi Albert,

    Although it’s my first visit here but I like your post very much. You’ve put up very important point in a practical way.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve shared this post with my twitter followers.

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