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WordPress Theme Structure That Works For Business

First I would like to apologize for not posting last Tuesday the reason being is someone hacked my site and I’m glad that Google notified me (Man! I just love Google)… So I had to take care of business and now I’m back smarter and stronger! 😀

Guys make sure you do your own diligence when it comes to your wordpress blog security. Makes sure you update your wordpress to the newest version all the time especially when the update has to do with security.

Also make sure your changing your password frequently that is hard to guess by someone and this goes with your FTP too and other access to your server. I notice as your blog becomes known it also becomes a target for hackers and all eyes are all on your blog.

So as a blogger I really needed to tighten my blog security and I will share this with you in the future post so you can do the same for your business.

Anyways, below my friend Beau and I have a webcast for you and we talk about more on wordpress and the theme structure that works effectively for us but please excuse my voice I have a little cold when we did this webcast but please listen so you’ll learn what blog theme works for your business effectively and why…

NOTE: Audio Duration about 20 minutes of pure “MEAT”

Hope this helps and also I hope you’ll put into action so you too can get great results on your wordpress blog. Take care and love you guys!

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

5 Responses to WordPress Theme Structure That Works For Business

  • Hi guys,

    A very interesting podcast for one reason: your findings and opinion on the security of the Paypal button on a WP blog versus HTML page. Now I am in a total quandry. Reason being I love the relative ease of WordPress blogging as a platform. Very easy to begin and tweak the blog over time with plugins that do all kinds of excellent things. Stuff that static HTML pages can do but only if you’re a programmer geek!

    Just recently I discovered a plugin from a fellow Brit by the name of Frank Haywood that explained to me how I could convert my front page into a sales page with the rest of the blog behind it for SEO purposes. I was excited by this discovery and was working towards getting some products that I have MRR or RR to and putting up the sales pages on a blog using Frank’s plugin. Now I’m not so sure because of the PayPal button security issue.

    Have you any ideas on a secure workaround?

    I do have XSitePro tool for creating websites but it’s not for newbies like me and I want to start making SOME money soon and not spend another 6 months learning this tool! I’ve been “learning” this stuff for years and I’m sick to death of it. I just want to see some results, and I figured WP blogging might be it.


  • Paul Perry says:

    Hi Albert
    sorry to hear about the problem with your blog, why do people try to hack into other peoples work place it beats me? If they would focus their energy on being creative the world would be a better place.
    Some good points in the podcast, most blogs are 2 column’s now.It must be because of eye focus that 3 column’s don’t work?

  • I’ve never heard of that Plugin Gareth, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good.

    An easy way to go around this issue is to have products showcased on your blog, but with a link to a static html sales page.

    There are other ways, but I guess it would be a little difficult explaining here.

  • This is great Albert! I have my site setup similar but only because I happened to like the theme and used it. I didn’t have any thoughts about why I should have a certain structure until listening to this and watching your video.

    Great Albert!

    Marshall Wayne

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