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Working From Home: It’s Time For Me To Move Out!

For the past 3 years I’ve really enjoyed working from home, there’s many advantages and the ability to be flexible, plus you know I’m the boss so I call the shots (I’m just sayin)  😀

My daily routine can vary; when I wake up usually I go straight to my office and start working answer phone calls, emails and just start working with clients and other special projects.

Working from home I get to see my family all the time and that’s the whole point of working from home and for me no matter what family always comes first period, and there’s no argument on that. But also there’s a downside working from home and I really did not realize this until now.

Don’t get me wrong working from home is great and awesome but just lately it’s been a struggle finishing simple projects or tasks because of all the interruptions and its worse when you get interrupted your momentum stops so it will NOT be the same when you come back.

Every time you stop you have to kind of build up that momentum again, also when you have a great idea when I come back many times I’ve already forget about it.

The interruptions are not necessarily that my kids or wife keep bugging me it’s the doorbell or my dog is barking and I’m in the middle of creating a video or maybe I am coaching or talking to one of my clients, ect…

So really in today’s post I’m asking you what you think of the idea of me getting my own offsite office because I truly believe that my business is growing and I need a bigger pot to grow in and I just wanted to ask your opinion if someone out there is in the same situation or has been in the same situation and what did you do?

Again don’t get me wrong working from home can be a wonderful thing. I’ve enjoyed it for the past 3 years. But now my business is growing and I’ve encountered all this what I call “business growing pains” and I think an offsite office is my perfect solution but please give you thoughts it will definitely give me an idea also I really value your input so please comment below.

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Let me know what you think guys, please comment below and please don’t be shy 😀 Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

12 Responses to Working From Home: It’s Time For Me To Move Out!

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  • barney says:


    You are face-to-face the the seldom mentioned dark side of working from home.

    You’ve found the other [sharp!] edge of this double-edged sword that is working from home: too much success .

    You’ve reached the point where you need a dedicated office space, probably a [non-virtual] staff, all the other accouterments of a brick-and-mortar business. Which means you now have a decision to make: do you continue to grow your business (which has become very similar to a JOB), or do you adjust it so that you can continue to enjoy the touted benefits of working from home.

    It is difficult to de-tune success w/o breaking it, i.e., to limit your success to the point that you still have time for the reasons you started working from home in the first place. That could require more energy and time than achieving success did. However, if you intend to enjoy the oft-stated benefits of working from home, that’s what you’ll need to do.

    The alternative is, of course, an even more successful business, thus greater capability to care for those you love.

    Either way, you have a Shylockian choice to make that no one can make for you: family, or [more] success?

    • Hi Barney,

      Sir! very great point in lots of way… Yeah! my business is really growing fast and your right I need to make a decision quick to either grow or keep it the way it is. But at the same time I don’t want to limit my success, I love working from home and like what I said no matter what family first that’s my number one priority.

      So I think I should have an alternative just like what you said “an even more successful business” get an offsite office for me to be more productive and finish quickly so I can go home and spend the rest of the day with my family.

      Man! you see that’s why I am right for asking you guys it always help big time. Barney thank you so much Bro. I really appreciate your comment and it helps.

      BTW: Your wisdom is so deep your very smart sir.

      God bless you and yours,


  • Philip C. says:

    I think yes, go for it. I would still do some work from home but do the most important, time-consuming tasks from the office, and also the tasks that called for absolutely no interruption.

    Now, as for the office, well…you can just imagine how much building owners are asking nowadays. I would look for the minimum space in which I could get my work done, and I would definitely haggle over the rent. If you are dealing directly with the building owner that is certainly possible.

    • Hi Philip,

      Bro. another great suggestion… and your right set priority on some of the task and do it in the offsite office. Also I will try to negotiate a deal with the office owner for some kind of deal or something 🙂 Bro. thank you so much I really appreciate this and it helps me a lot.

      God bless you and yours,


  • Paul Perry says:

    Hi Albert
    welcome to the real reality of working from home. It can be frustrating
    so say the least. Were theirs a will, theirs a is a way, just keep at it mate. You will find what works for you.

    • Hi Bro.,

      Well tell me about it! 🙂 if you think about it’s a good problem but either way it is still a problem. Anyways thank you so much Paul for always being there for me man! I can’t thank you enough Bro. your always there rain or shine 🙂

      Love form Vegas and Prayer,


  • Marianne says:

    It is tough to work from home full time because of just the problems you have pinpointed.

    I say, show us the way-set some disciplined time, stick to it and save the overhead costs. Show us all how it is done!
    .-= Marianne´s last blog ..Bookmarking To Build Hyperlinks =-.

    • Hi Marianne,

      Hey great to see you here again, Yes your right! “tough to work from home full time” sometimes but majority of the time I really enjoy it and love to see my family all the time.

      But I think I might just solve this problem and definitely will let everyone know how exactly went… Marianne I really appreciate you and it meant a lot to me, I might know many thing but I am not bullet proof to some problems just like everyone else and YOU being there when I needed help it meant a lot to me so thank you so much mam…

      Love and Prayer from Vegas,


  • Mike Mulanax says:

    Hey Albert.
    It seems that the trend as of late is that many marketers find themselves in the same circumstance as you. Distractions at home are inevitable. Unless you can set aside a certain number of hours for your work, in your home office with the door locked, and a “DO NOT DISTURB FOR ANY REASON” hanging on the door between those set hours, then an off site office is the best solution. Find one somewhat close to home so the commute is short. Nothing fancy, just clean and well lit. Decorate as a “business office”. A small picture from home of your family on your desk is all you need, just to remind you that you are doing all this for them. Actual emergencies should be the only reason your family should contact you at the office.

    Don’t let what you are doing in IM turn into a JOB. That defeats the purpose of making money online from home. Once you get to your office, get the work for that day DONE, then go home to your family and enjoy the rest of the day. Leave your Business at the office, don’t bring it home with you:)

    Take care Albert,

    • Hey Mike,

      How are you Bro.? Yeah! man your right and great suggestion on finding closer offsite office closer to home and “Decorate as a business office” I gotta have that for sure just like what you said nothing fancy and your very right don’t turn this into a JOB 🙂 No definitely NOT thank you so much Bro.

      I really appreciate your input that’s why my business is growing and successful is because I have you guys and always there for me.

      Mike thank you again and God bless you,


  • Neil Adams says:

    Hi Albert,

    That is a tough decision to make, although it is a good position to be in, as that means your business is booming 🙂

    I know most of your work is hands on, but is there any part of the rest of it you can outsource?

    If you can find an office space that you use for only 5-6 hours a day for your most important work, then I would say go for it. That would still leave you with plenty of family time and to work on some of your other tasks (if there are any) that a couple of interruptions wouldn’t bother you.

    Something you don’t want to do is turn your “Home Based Business” into a another J.O.B.

    I know you are praying about it, so whatever the decision is, it will be the RIGHT one.

    Take care and God Bless,


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