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Your Blog Is A Funnel Of Traffic

Yes your blog can be a funnel for your traffic if you just know how to use. There are millions of people who read blogs everyday and many of these folks could be your target customers.

Even search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN love blogs as well because they’re updated frequently.

What that means to them is they can provide better information to the people that are using their search because of the updated content.

Better yet you can NOW interlink your social media profile to your blog and when you do this it will create a funnel for your traffic. Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about:

As you’ve seen on the video it’s very simple to implement this and the best part is it’s FREE! All you have to do is interlink all your social media accounts to your blog so every time you have a new blog post it will automatically show up on all of your social media accounts.

NOT only is it automated but at the same time you’re providing value to your followers. And guess what? They will be happy to spread the word for you.

This happens all the time on my blog people re-tweet my post and many times they will post it on their Facebook. I don’t know about you but that’s powerful stuff and it’s FREE 😀

Well I hope this helps I also hope that you put this to work so you too can get more customers from social media sites.

BTW: If you have any questions about this or if you want to get started with “Blogging For Business” give me a CALL: 702-430-1649.

Also many folks are asking me about my twitter profile so here you go: follow me while you there!

Let me know what you think guys, please comment below and please don’t be shy 😀 Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

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