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Your Blog Is Your Sales Representative

Many of my friends and clients always ask me why they’re NOT getting any comments on their blog post. Well there could be lots of reasons why but if you are new to blogging you shouldn’t worry about getting comments and focus more on providing valuable content with your readership and optimizing your post.

Comments will come later when you have an established audience and regular readers. This is the natural cycle of blogging at the beginning, you won’t see any comments but after awhile people will participate.

So what you should be thinking about is how you can provide excellent content because this is very important for your business in the future.

You see I hear many people are throwing in the towel after just six months of blogging. They say, “I’ve been blogging and providing quality content but yet I have NO comments.”

The thing that many don’t understand is your blog posting is NOT in vain at all because that is your equity and your blog post is actually your sales representative. You want to know WHY? Well watch the video and you’ll find out:

So now you know how important your blog post is and the beauty of it is your blog post will be on your blog forever and can generate traffic for your business that would lead to sales, subscriptions and readership.

Just keep on blogging and one day you will harvest all the fruit of your labor. Believe me I am a living testimony on this I thought my blogging is not going anywhere but one day it payed off beyond my imagination and NOW I am living the dream  😀

If you have something to say speak up and comment below and please don’t be shy  😀 Take care and love you guys.

Till Next Time and God Bless You!

Albert Hallado

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10 Responses to Your Blog Is Your Sales Representative

  • Malcolm.t. says:

    Hey Albert

    Nice to see you back in the saddle after your illness…:-)

    Yes your post makes good reading and sound advice for the Newbie just starting to Blog…!!

    Can I ask you if you would give me permission to use your Tweet Icon (Tweet this your followers will love it )…
    I would like to use it on my blog

    Thanks in


    • Hi Malcolm,

      Hey! thank you bud I really appreciate and I am glad you like my post. about the “Tweet This” image I can’t give you mine because I want to be exclusive just for my blog, but I can make one for you though… 🙂

      Thanks and God bless you,


  • Nithiyaah says:

    Hi Albert.
    It is great to have you back again with another valuable post. Yes, I strongly do agree with what you have mentioned in your post bacause this is what is currently happening to me. Eventhough I set up my blog somewhere in the 2009, I don’t find much time to write any valuable contents. However I made up my mind to put all the effort I can while I can build my business because for me this 2010 year is a successful year for me. Now,I think for the past two months I have been blogging properly and providing quality contents. Well, my little efforts paid off and recently I wrote a review about and the best part is it came up in the first page of google. I was shocked and happy and Im still in the process of giving more valuable contents to all my blog readers. Pls, Im not boasting here. I’m just sharing my experience as one of those little people who are out there also can do this. Once again thank you Albert.

    May God Bless You & Your Loved Ones.

    To Your Success,
    .-= Nithiyaah´s last blog ..Instant Product Creation =-.

    • Hi Nithiyaah,

      Good to see you here again and thank you so much also I am glad that you like my post. I am very happy for you and the result of your blogging (#1 in google) great job…

      You see just keep on blogging eventually you’ll be successful on what your doing and remember don’t quit!

      Thanks and God bless you,


  • Rob says:

    Hi Albert,

    Im your fellow Pinoy subscriber from Cebu, I follow your blog because I saw your content and posts very informative.

    Just keep on posting.

    God bless.

    P.S. can you share me a little strategy about SEO
    .-= Rob´s last blog ..Forex Money Trading Tips to Bring You to the Top Earners Online =-.

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  • ChrisLWagner says:

    Hi Alberto, I’m so glad you sent this post. I’m new and was worried that I wasn’t getting that many comments. I was feeling like it wasn’t worth it, but after reading and listening to your video, it gave me new energy to keep going!

    Thanks so much Alberto and I hope you are feeling better.


    • Hi Chris,

      Hey always great to see you here Chris and I’m glad that you read this post so you can stop worrying now 🙂 Keep reading my blog and please don’t quit no matter what ok!

      Thanks and God bless you,


  • Paul Perry says:

    Hi Albert
    good to see you up and about again mate, hope all is well. I had a small opp on my right arm 2 weeks ago so i am out of action with my good hand.
    great post and a good way to look at blogging i never thought of it like that. Talk soon

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